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Hi! I’m Erik Wiegers, an information designer

Hi, I’m Erik Wiegers, a graphic and information designer with a great passion for fresh concepts, infographics and great design.

I’m known for always keeping the target group in mind when creating designs. I specialize in information design, aside from that I also design other print work such as: logo’s, corporate identities, concepts, magazines, books, flyers and more.

I’m always interested in collaborations, freelance projects and other creative opportunities.

What can I do for you?!

My studio is located in Zutphen (in a former schoolbuilding), which is in the eastern part of the Netherlands. From there I focus on making powerful graphic designs and clear/claryfying infographics.

Have a look at my portfolio or the clients I work for if you’d like to see for yourself. Unfortunatly for you this site is stuffed with the Dutchy language. So if you have any questions or projects I can help with: please don’t hesitate to contact me!